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Click the "CALCULATE ENDING BALANCE AFTER n YEARS" button to calculate the investment balance after a given number of years with an estimated rate of return. The interest rate needs to be inputted as a decimal. This program calculates the ending balance based on an initial investment for a given number of years and a monthly investment of a given amount. The algorithm also supports monthly investments of zero (0). This is useful when determining the growth of a single investment deposit. Interest is compounded monthly but reported yearly. The interest rate would be an estimated rate of return. This rate would vary depending on the type of the investment and the state of the stock market if the investment is related to the stock market. The monthly investment would be the amount of money invested each month. A common term to describe this type of investing is "dollar cost averaging". This is one good way to minimize risk in investing. Do a Google search with "dollar cost average" and you'll get about 23,000,000 hits.
Investment Calculator coded by C.W.Coleman using JFames in Java 1.4. applet source